Knowledge. Passion. Curiosity.

The building blocks of scientific advancement.


YBR Analytics specializes in statistical consulting and analysis, SAS programming, DSMBs, CDISC submission packages, and biometrics clinical development and regulatory strategy.

Our team collaboratively supports transformative therapies and is equipped to lead clinical development and commercialization programs for small and mid-sized companies.

Locations in US and Canada

With World-Wide
Remote Service

Extensive Analytical Experience

Leadership brings 40+
years combined industry


YBR leads your clinical development program down the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ — where knowledge, passion, and curiosity converge harmoniously to craft regulatory strategies and innovative data solutions that drive progress, discovery, and a pursuit of new therapies for patients in need.


We think before we act and ensure we’re performing the right services to find the perfect solution for you, your business, and the patients with unmet needs.

Our Lead Statisticians pack 20+ years of experience spanning from pharmaceutical/biotech industries medical devices clinical research organizations and more. You can expect a direct and easy-to-understand communication style project management skills business acumen and innovative methods including programming automation. 


We follow our hearts when making decisions, especially when it comes to ensuring the best results for our clients and the patients they serve.


We aren’t afraid to try new things; we don’t simply do things because this is “how it’s always been done”; we stop the process and ask questions to ensure an optimal approach to solving problems.


Decades of friendship turned professional partnership.

Amanda Truesdale

Owner, Co-Founder

John S.Taylor

Owner, Co-Founder


Our teams integrate with clients to provide ideal statistical analysis strategies to support their clinical development programs and products.

In addition to producing clinical datasets and analyses for clinical study reports, YBR also provides less conventional services, including ad hoc and exploratory analyses, statistical and SAS programming training, technical audits, and SOP development.



In the realm of data and analytics, the true measure of success lies in the results and outcomes achieved by our clients.

"Abeona has partnered with YBR for Biometrics for almost three years now. We could not have been luckier as they integrated so well with our team. Their integrity, quality, reliability, problem solving, passion for patients, and relentless determination to make Abeona successful sets them apart from all other experiences I’ve had in my career."
Vishwas Seshadri
CEO, Abeona Therapeutics

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Meet YBR

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